Janamat Party – Dr CK Raut App

Janamat Party – Dr C.K. Raut App


Janamat Party releases this app to provide necessary services and add values to the party’s members, supporters and general public. This page, “Privacy Policy”, is provided to inform the users of the app about the collection, transmission and uses, if any, of their private and public information through this app.

1. LOGINs: There is no login mechanism in the app and no users are required to provide or get identified by a user name, membership number, phone number or geographical location to use the app.

2. CAMERA: The users may take their photo using their mobile’s camera to set their custom image in the app, but it is stored only within the app in the user’s mobile phone, and is not sent or stored anywhere else.

3. EMAIL & PHONE: The app uses a user’s email client (like Gmail App) to send email, if a user wishes to send an email to the party. Similarly, the app initiates a dialer, should a user intends to make a call from the app.

4. OPTIONS: The users may set their name and mobile number in the Options, but this is not required for the app’s operation. These data are only used to fill the email fields (like To, From, Subject), if the user wishes to send an email to the party.

5. We do not disclose any information received in any manner to third parties and do not use these data for any purpose other than specified in the app.